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Guts Poker Game Rules

Ultimate Bet Poker

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GUTS Poker:
GUTS is a non-traditional game, usually played at home, or in the college fraternity house. The two types of GUTS, Monte Carlo Guts and Survivor Guts are unique to Palace of Chance Poker.

Sequence of Events
1. At the beginning of every new round players sitting at the table choose to ante or sit out. The ante is the same as the Table stake. A $0.50 table will have an ante of $0.50.
2. Dealer deals each player 3 cards face down
3. Each player chooses to either stay "in" (play on) or opt "out" (fold). This process is resolved simultaneously so that each player sees all the other players' choices at the same time.
4. The players that are "in" show their hands to the table. The player with the best hand wins the pot and the losing players each must replace the pot as their penalty for losing.
5. NOTE - In "Monte Carlo Guts" ALL the losing players each replace the pot, in "Survivor Guts" the loser with the lowest hand is the ONLY player that is required to replace the pot.

For all Guts games, the minimum a player can sit down at the table with is 100 times the ante. For example, on a 10-cent ante table, the minimum that a player must bring to the table is $10.

  1. The ante is a buy-in set by the table stakes. For instance, on a $1 Guts table, the ante would be $1.
  2. Players who do not pay the ante must sit out the hand and the rest of the round.
  3. Having anted along with the other players you are dealt three cards.
  4. You and the other players will simultaneously choose to either stay "In" the hand or go "Out", and thus muck your hand.
  5. If you stay "In", your cards will be shown, while if you decide to go "Out", your hand will be mucked.
  6. If you choose to be "Out", you are out for the hand but not the remainder of the round.
  7. If you do not make your decision in the time provided, the game will automatically muck your cards and put you "Out".
  8. Players who have stayed "In" now have their cards shown simultaneously, while the players who chose to be "Out" will have their cards mucked at the same time.
  9. The player or players with the best cards win the pot.
  10. If all players in a round go "Out" of a hand the pot is carried over to the next hand and all players ante for the next hand.
  11. The hand ranking is unusual in these 3 Card Guts games. The ranks include straight flush, three-of-a-kind, straight and flush, as well as pair and high card.
  12. Straights and flushes are determined in much the same manner as in traditional poker games, except that each is made of three cards only.
  13. It is also very important to note that in 3 Card Guts, a straight beats a flush.
  14. If the hands are still tied, then the highest card not held in common (the kicker), determines the winner of the hand.
  15. If the hands are absolutely identical in ranking, then the pot is split evenly between the winning players.
  16. *Please note that all decisions made by the Cardroom Manager regarding the ranking of hands are final.
  17. Players who stayed "In" but did not win the hand must match the total amount of money that was in the pot, up to the limit. The limit is equal to 20 times the ante. For example, in a 50-cent ante game, if you lose a hand with a $20 pot you will have to pay $20 into the next pot but if you lose a hand with a $120 pot you will only have to pay $100 into the next pot.

    10 cent ante tables = Max pot replacement ante of $2
    25 cent ante tables = Max pot replacement ante of $5
    50 cent ante tables = Max pot replacement ante of $10
    $1 ante tables = Max pot replacement ante of $20
    $2 ante tables = Max pot replacement ante of $40
    $5 ante tables = Max pot replacement ante of $100

  18. IMPORTANT - In "Monte Carlo Guts" ALL the losing players each replace the pot, in "Survivor Guts" the loser with the lowest hand is the ONLY player that is required to replace the pot.

  19. The hand is now over and a new hand will begin, with the pot already growing from the last hand, if indeed at least one player opted to be "In" and lost.
  20. If you declared yourself "In" on a hand and you lose and you do not have enough money at the beginning of the next hand to match that new hand's pot, you will sat out for the remainder of the round. In this situation players will get an extra 5 sec to grab more money from the cashier before the hand begins.
  21. Players who were "Out" must ante to remain in the round, or sit out.
  22. Players, who were "In" and lost the hand, having paid the pot at the end of the last hand, do not need to ante.
  23. If there was at least one winner of the previous hand and no players who declared themselves "In" but lost, then the round is over.
  24. New players and players sitting out the previous round may join at the start of the new round.
Hand Rankings
It is an important distinction to note that the ranking of these hands is different from traditional hand rankings. From highest to lowest the hand ranks are straight flush, three-of-a-kind, straight, flush, pair and high card.

The house takes a small amount of each pot won as a fee for providing the gaming service. This fee is called the "rake". The rake in Guts games is set to 3% of the pot won. The maximum that will ever be raked from a pot is $3. Example: if the pot is $120 rake is $3 not $3.60

Disconnection Policy
If you disconnect, you have the duration of the hand to reconnect and resume the hand. The hand will progress even if you've been disconnected. It is up to the player to ensure his connection is reliable. Internet Connection status is displayed in the lower left corner; Good, Fair, Poor, or Not Connected. If the connection dips to Fair, either finish your hand and reconnect, or wait for a better time to resume play.

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